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You got a new puppy or kitty!  What do you do now?


From ages 8 weeks old to 20 weeks old your new pet needs vaccines.  The big world carries some scary and some fatal diseases that are preventable with vaccines.  Your new puppy or kitty may also have parasites that can make them not feel well and with puppy and kitty visits we can check to make sure they are ok.  Dr. Roach and Dr. Morphis can teach you how to best care for your pet, and the sooner they have their first doctor appointment, the better.

Spaying and neutering your pet is recommended around 6 months of age.  At Best Friends Animal Clinic you have more options!  Dr. Roach is experienced in not only traditional spay and neuter, but what is becoming better choices for your pet, Ovary Sparing Spay, Zeutering, and vasectomies.  Continued education is showing that keeping up to 50% of their hormones is better for their bones, joints, and muscles as they grow.